Jun 14, 2016

Beware of Money Making Online products

Dear readers,

 Sorry I did not post for long. Here I am with a brand new post. For the past six years, I have evolved and have trained myself in internet marketing. Really, it is tough to earn money online. It is really difficult to earn money without investing anything. A little investment is necessary. At least some money. So where will you spend your hard earned money? On GRQ schemes ebooks? Oh No! They are such time wasters and useless.

While buying any eBooks which are based on making money online, you need to do your research fairly well. Do not rely on the reviews on the product sales landing page. They can be fake. Yes! The very reviews that convince you to give away your hard earned dollars to get that product are fake ones.

 So how will you find out whether a product is legit or not!

Actually, there is no way to find out unless you try it. But thanks to good ol' Google, you can do the research yourself. Recently I came across an ebook at Warrior Forums. I was almost convinced to buy the eBook since it is the longest running thread on WF. But it costed 38$. Now for me, it is not small amount. So I did my research. I went to a search engine and typed whether 'ABC product is legit' and then I could see many links which exposed the concerned eBook. One site even had the entire report for free download. I was saved that day. From that day, I had decided to never buy ebooks which are titled $$$ in abc hours guaranteed.

The truth is no one will share their methods for a meagre amount of $40. I suggest the best way to earn money online is to create your own products and write a blog about it and it will sell in the long run. It is surely a correct way.

Anyways beware of online products which claim untrue claims of making you rich.

Aug 3, 2009

How can you earn easily with Adsense?

I have been blogging around for almost one year and in the process have created and dumped many blogs. Why? Because they were not earning me a dime! When I first started to blog, I knew just one monetization method for blogs and that was Google Adsense. I created blogs on weebly and Blogspot and used Adsense in an attempt to make me some cash. Needless to say, Adsense never made me huge bucks! The highest money I ever got for a click was $0.45. Only Junkamania earns me some cash via Adsense. So, it motivates me to write some healthy posts here!
Now here are the reasons why Google Adsense does not make everyone big money:
  • Adsense does not make big money for everyone. The earnings you get via Adsense depends on the topic you are blogging on. Its usually called a niche topic.
  • Not everyone knows how to optimise their posts for earning via Adsense. Of course, there is a research to be done to find the best earning cum low competition keywords. It takes most of your time but can be done easily with the help of keyword trackers or keyword suggestion tools like.
  • Many of the ads earn you less than a cent. This is bad as you are losing a lot of money. This is because the advertiser paid small money for the keywords you are using in your posts or this is because you chose the worst earning niche.
  • Suggest a reason and get a backlink
Which are the worst earning popular niche topics?
  1. Gaming: Dunno why! Everyone love games and most buy them. God knows why Game creators and advertisers spend less on their Adwords campaign.
  2. Celebrity: Worst niche pays the worst.
  3. You suggest and get a backlink.
Which are the highest earning popular niche topics?
  1. Health: Health tops and bags many highest paying niche keywords.
  2. Finance:Whopping number of highest paying keywords belong to this niche.
  3. Make money niche: Pays well but not the highest
  4. Technology:Especially the tech gadget niche topic.
  5. Suggest and earn a backlink.
Now how to actually earn from Adsense?
Follow the following steps and cash Google checks every month or the worst one year, but guaranteed see money coming via Adsense.
  1. Rush to Hubpages and sign up.
  2. Do some research on what people are looking for. Use the keword tracker to find the best paying cum low competition keywords for the thing you wanna write on. You can sit down and write an article of abou 250 words on the either one of the 5 best paying popular niche topics.
  3. You can give your Adsense ID to Hubpages(You will understand all these when you sign up) so that they display your Google Ads along with your article.
  4. When someone clicks on your ads, HubPages keeps the 40% of the per click revenue generated and you get 60%, which is paid by Google.
  5. 1 article is not enough. Try and write at least one hub per day and take your hub toll to at least 50.
  6. 'WHATEVER IS SEEN, SELLS!' Keep this in your mind and make attractive as well as search engine friendly titles. Don't try to be too fancy! Even the simplest titles catch more attention!
  7. Whats the catch? No catches. You can make even more money from Ebay sales commission, Amazon sales commission as well as Konterra PPC commission, all from one little hub.
  8. You will surely get your first Adsense check within a month and worst will be an year!

But I want all the 100% of the revenue per click. What should I do?
Oh! So you want 100% revenue generated from Adsense, then do the following:
  1. Go to godaddy.com
  2. Register a domain name at godaddy.com. Register such a name that will better represent your product you are selling or a thing you wanna write(For example you wanna write on a particular gadget and you are going to dedicate your full site to it, then come with a domain name like particulargadget.com.) You need to pay for this, anything from $1 to $200, depending on the domain name.(While writing this article, I found out that Godaddy are selling (.info) domains names for 0.89 a year. Check it out!)
  3. Host your site at a free webhost like 000webhost.com for free!
  4. Write two to four articles revolving around the product you want to sell to earn comissions(Remeber that you are selling other's things)
  5. Search for the best paying cum low competition keywords for your articles suitable to the product you wanna sell. Like for example, I wanna sell someone's laptop on Ebay to earn commissions, then I will repeat 'buy a laptop' or 'cool laptop' more than twice in each of the four articles.
  6. Now you have to do all this by yourself-Get traffic! Without which you cannot earn.
  7. Submitting your articles at ezinearticles.com can get you organic visitors and potential buyers of the product you're gonna sell.
  8. Thus all revenue generated+ commissions got are all 100% yours!

If you don't want to buy a domain name, you can make such niche sites on Blogspot.com or Wordpress.com, which are totally free. Thus, everything for free and all your revenue to you. This can be called a 'Zero investment business'!
At Hubpages there are already a lots of visitors and hubbers, so that you don't have to get traffic. Hence I recommend Hubpages over making your own niche site.
But you have your own brain to think rationally. What do you say?

Guest Post-My Perspective about Making Money Online

I have started a series of guest posts on my blog to update this blog's content for my readers regularly. You can get a recognition on this blog via a guest post. All you get from me is a backlink to your blog. This article is yours, so the referral links in this article are also yours. Enjoy! To guest post email me at boneysharaon@gmail.com

This article is the 3rd in the Junkamania Guest Post series.
Lynell Emmanuel Neri, 16 years old Philipino blogger puts his thoughts on making money online and wants all the Junkamania readers to express their thoughts on this.
Making money online –where else could someone go, with global crisis still releasing its smokes and continues to burn other people with its heating when it come contact with people despite of the extinguishers, with the staggering number of jobless individuals and still counting where even new graduates of various universities would boggled themselves where could they be dumped, lucky for those who would reach the garbage can, but most would not even end up in the soil but in the deep pit where they would met other with the same situation.
With the large number of people experiencing it, a something of the same kind, large, spacious, gigantic in nature, would be able to cater them. Indeed, it is the Internet. It is in the Internet where they are putting their last hopes to (including to God too). But vast as their hopes, Internet is roamed by alligators (figuratively) despite of the zoo keepers who tried to feed them up. Bound by the harsh experience, these alligators bite everything they can cling on. They are the one who have fallen in the pit, put hope in the Internet but, unfortunately, have fallen equal parts to how high they have hoped.
I am one of those alligators who is still figuring out the real way to get outta the pit and that will be possible when I make true money online. So far I have found myLot to be the best paid forum online and its a superb way to earn from tasks, discussion threads, replies, etc. Like Boney said, I have just signed up with Triond and gotta sit down to write an article for them. So that I don't remain an alligator in the pit anymore. The Junkamania blog is simply superb! Cheers!

Lynell Emmanuel Neri is a Filipino blogger and writes the Read Read Write blog. Read Read Write is a blog intended to post anything under the sun. In this blog, Visitors' suggestions are highly welcomed! They may request the author to post something they want just by giving the author the suggestion of the topic. Imagine a blog where you can read anythings (of course with sense). It is rather a multipurpose blog, where visitors can suggests what topics the author would also posts. Here, the visitors and the author will have an interaction, interaction for the benefits of one another.

Aug 2, 2009

Guest Post-My Love MyLot!

I have started a series of guest posts on my blog to update this blog's content for my readers regularly. You can get a recognition on this blog via a guest post. All you get from me is a backlink to your blog. This article is yours, so the referral links in this article are also yours. Enjoy! To guest post email me at boneysharaon@gmail.com

This is the second article of the Junkamania Guest Post Series. In this article, Heather Echola or GardenGerty from Mylot, age 56, McPherson, Kansas, USA has shared with the Junkamania readers, her myLot experience.
I was the kid in school who enjoyed reading the dictionary and encyclopedia. Knowing that about me, you can imagine the kind of heaven I am in when I have an internet connection. You may find me drifting from topic to topic with hardly a pause except to get a cup of coffee. I find that the internet is a source of socializing, earning and learning all wrapped up in one entity.

While exploring the internet, I have found some interesting earning sites, as well as information sites. The site I have been most active on is called MyLot. Since MyLot was my first earning site, it is also my first love. It is a social site, an information site and best of all it is paid to post. I have explored other earnings sites, but as I have said, MyLot is my first love. I have friends, I have earnings, I have opportunities to read the news, and blogs and post comments about them. The networking opportunities have been awesome, and I have also gained freelancing opportunities through the site. MyLot is one of my favorite aspects of the internet.

Heather Echola's tips to earn big on myLot:
"For those who want to earn at MyLot, my advice is to add friends. That was the first thing that helped me. I looked at discussions, and when someone in a discussion looked interesting to me, I requested their friendship. My first attempts at posting discussions were a bit lackluster, and people did not respond much, but that is alright. As long as your discussion gets one response, it earns. It is much easier, in my opinion, to begin by responding to discussions that are interesting. Remember to put quite a bit in anything you post, using about four to five lines of text. Read the terms of service and the guidelines. Have a question about how MyLot operates? Post a discussion about it, lots of people will be glad to help. Be kind, play nice, and try to make your discussions more than a one word answer discussion and you will make lots of friends and have fun earning. My personal goal is to do twenty five quality posts daily on average. If I do that I always make payout. Having tasks, like this one, to help earn more is a real benefit.(GardenGerty)"

Aug 1, 2009

The Advantage of not selling your articles

Hello Friends,
Many of you were stunned by my success story and wanted to know how I earned $88 in a week. I see this article writing as a business for a short term gains. But today I am going to tell you an advantage of not selling your articles according to my personal experience.
I had written a 500+ words article for a client and was expecting $3 for that hard work of mine. The article was on 'cigarette smoking' and it was titled as How to Treat smoking addiction. I was waiting for the time when that $3 would go in my Paypal and I give my client the article. Suddenly a message was sent by the client on Digital Point saying that he did not want the article any more. I was more than frustrated and I tried to sell it later directly on DP. The people there were asking the article for $1.50 and that amount was like I would be selling my soul. Frustrated that I was I kept the text file of my article on my hard drive.
Now, as I had posted before, Triond is a genuine site which pays on impressions and PPC for your articles published by them. They don't take away author's rights and hence the article will be 'mine' and I will be getting royalties all my life. So I decided to publish that article on Triond.
On 30th July, I submitted my article and within a few minutes, my article got published which normally Triond takes a day to publish.
My article did not make it to hot content, but I was amazed that my article was ranked 8th on the 31st July, 2009 on HealthMad blog, a Triond sister site. This is an achievement for me, as I was ranking among the best authors' works and as I got 80 hits on the article in a single day which no other articles could get. And as I said it was still 'mine' not Triond's.

I should be grateful to the client who rejected my article. Thanks Uncle! I will earn more than $3 on that article now. How? I already earned 12 cents from that article in a single day and the article is going to be on the site givng me lifetime royalties. Meaning the money the client was going to give me will be covered in a month, at least $3 a month single handedly from this article will be a great success. But still I won't stop writing for my clients as with a slow passive money, I need regular active quick bucks.
So think twice before you sell your articles written with total dedication and hard work to make quick money from home. Thanks and give me your views on it.

Guest Post-My Experience with paid to sites

I am starting a series of guest posts on my blog to update this blog's content for my readers regularly. You can get a recognition on this blog via a guest post. All you get from me is a backlink to your blog. This article is yours, so the referral links in this article are also yours. Enjoy! To guest post email me at boneysharaon@gmail.com

This is the first article of the Junkamania Guest Post Series. In this article, Oindrila Ghoshal, age 22, female ptc blogger, India has shared with the Junkamania readers, her experiences with some Paid To sites. Please leave a feedback for this article.

Oindrila has a blog PTC Bonanza

My experience with money making sites began 5 months ago when I was introduced to the world of online earnings by a friend's boyfriend! I had signed up on sites like nomincashout,neobux,bux-matrix,myprobux,buxify,palmbux and ozonebux at that time.Though neobux,palmbux,bux-matrix and buxify paid me after over two months of endless clicking,the other three scammed me of my money.Meanwhile I had joined other scams too like bux2earn,blast-bux and bux-pick,as we cannot be sure when a new ptc comes up whether it will be a scam or not.But my bad luck accompanied me here too and I lost money from my hard-earned clicks on these scams too.I was so to say,very interested in learning more about online earnings and would read blogs or do a google search to find out more money-making opportunities.
I found such sites as youmint and mGinger which pay to send advertiser messages to your phone.They are pretty worthless sites except for the fact that they allow you to send free sms messages to friends from your PC to their cellphones.
Then one day,as I was browsing mGinger I came across this banner promoting a site called Mylot.I thought of giving it a try and signed up.Then as I looked around the site and read the rules,I found that it was a paid to post site that pays you per post that you make,and also for completing simple tasks.
I would not be exaggerating if I said that this site changed my life forever.This community is so full of life that I simply cannot stay without logging in everyday.I post my own topics,respond to what others have to say,complete tasks and I am earning big for it!The money is definitely an icing on the cake.Since payout is only $10,it is very easy to reach.Being out here is a whole lot of fun plus I get a bunch of information about everything from this site.
It is from MyLot members that I came to know about Trekpay,another money-making site and at last I was saved from wasting my time and money on PTC sites.Trekpay pays weekly-Real cash and I reach payout every two weeks.That is a $5.50 per two weeks simply for viewing content!
I have decided to concentrate only on MyLot,Trekpay,Easyhits4u and HKBUZZ(a genuine PTC where I reach payout every week and get my money immediately after requesting payment).Easyhits4u pays 30 cents for every 1000 pages surfed and it has a 1:1 ratio,meaning for every site that you view,they send one visitor back to your site!It pays five levels deep and has a minimum payout of $3.I have also enrolled for a huge upcoming viral business opportunity which promises to change the way we earn!The site is in pre-launch now and I am looking forward to earning from it.One cannot sign up without a sponsor on this site so check this to sign up.
Hope all of you earn as much as I do.Good luck!