Jul 31, 2009

How I made $88 in the last week of July?

July 2009 has been the most exciting and the best month of my life. I never took this 'writing' thing seriously(because I have other career options too!), so always overlooked the potential of this industry and how to make money from home via this industry.
Digital Point Forums is a webmasters forum where all the webmasters big and small, discuss, share tips, tricks, etc. I had joined Digital Point, just because I was interested in the promotion of this little blog. So, I even tried to sell the ad space here, but nobody was interested at all(one reason being that Blogspot blogs have less credibility!) and all my time given to this blog went futile as there was Zero income!
Just when I was frequenting the buy,sell and trade section of DP, I came across a thread where a member was selling content for $2 for 250 words. I then thought that I should give something similar a shot and decided to do it the next day.
The next day I came up with an idea to promote both my blog and my writing too so I started a thread

I am selling 125x125 ad spots on my blog http://junkamania.blogspot.com for $5/mth. There are 6 spots available.
The header banner is also $5/mth. One spot.
Anyone interested? contact me at boneysharaon@gmail.com or PM me.
I am in need of money.
I can write an article of 300 words for you for $5 on any topic you ask(I will research a lot and come up with one very unique article).
If you want to place a text link in one of my posts, then contact me and place a bid via email...Bid starts at $5(This will be permanent)

Please contact soon.
You can have a look at my thread http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=1422743

Obviously $5 did not work, and I had to consider something else.
So, I decided to write a better thread and try to give better than anyone else.
So, here was my new thread http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=1424745
This thread started my writing career actually. I decided that I will let someone review my work and hence kept the price as low as $0.30 for 250 words for the review copy. Nevertheless to say, it gained a huge response and I sold my two review articles for $0.30 to two members, out of whom just one reviewed. It did not matter as within that day, I got 5 bulk orders and 7 single article orders. But sad to say, I am a human so I rejected most of them as I could not keep them waiting.
The first day I could only make 10 dollars.
The second day I made 5 dollars.
Then I made a new thread with my revised rates and offered a 250 words article for $1.80 and I received two articles to write and that was that. No more sales on that.
The next day I decided to create another thread, this time offering a 300 words article for $1.50 and there was a boom in sales. Here I earned my 51 dollars writing and spinning the articles. I spun an article for a client almost 20 times! I then used my signature to promote my thread and there are new orders everyday, which I could hardly manage, and so I decided to take less orders. Check the thread http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=1433911.
This all happened for the last 8 days and my Paypal got $88 in just 8 days. I was happy but few questions came to my mind;
  1. Is the income passive?
  2. What happened to my sold articles?
  3. What will be in store for the long term?
  4. Will I be continuing this?
The answer to the first question is definitely a big NO!! The work to be done was so large scale, that I had to wake up till 3 am in the morning to complete the orders. All the $88 were the sweat of my brow and my hard work.
The answer to the second question is that after I handed over the articles to my clients, they were no longer mine. They were theirs. All my ideas and my content was not 'mine'. It was 'theirs'.
The answer to the third question is, As for now, I cannot see a bright future in this career as I can see the money coming, but only if I work continually. The industry offers lucrative money. So, in the short term you can make a lot of money, but no long term passive money is involved.

Will I be continuing this? Yes! I will be continuing this for the next few years till I make a good amount which I can invest in an online business or anything like that which can earn me some passive income at least $0.5 a day. This might look foolish, but when I take to write those articles, I have to research on the topic(15-20 minutes), write down the article(15-20) minutes and I get just $1.5 for writing 250 words and I have no rights over them. While, investing money on my blog and cashing on Adsense for at least $0.5 a day, will become $15 a month and $180 an year which is not a very big amount, but is passive money. In the long term we got to consider passive options(I am 20 and I want to retire by 40!)

Hope this helps to all who are still struggling to earn online. If you feel that you can write then go for it. Don't hesitate! The most wanted thing today without which no online business can stand is CONTENT! So GO FOR IT! I have seen many of them charge anywhere from $50 to $200/article, which is way too much than what I offered my services for. You can be one of them who can earn that much. Then for you that will be a good profession!


Anonymous said...

I'm new here, I just heard this from my friend that you can make money tru making a blogs or comments.. I think this stuff is cool beause you're not only enhancing your writing skills, you can also earn from it.

moneymaker said...

Wow!It is really good to hear that you have earned as that big amount!I also want to earn as big as this amount. If this amount will be converted in our currency, it is already big. can you give me some tips on how did you do it? Is there any sign up bonus in the site?

Anonymous said...

That's good! I think it's better than bukisa or other freelance writing and I really appreciate your strugle, I mean, it's not easy wake up at 3 a.m and promote your blog in digital point until you get many order. Waw! Congratulations! I start to think to make a blog too after read your article. sadly, this is not passive income and it takes your time.. But it's a good things you've plan to do it for few years and then invest your money.. Good plan! Keep your spirit, good luck and may GBU!

sri said...

it is really amazing to hear that earing $88 a month..Great thing.Earning online is a good job and that to earn a huge amount is really great.Earning by doing articles.This is first time i hearing that to earn in this way.You had choosen the right way to earn man.

Vismay said...

I have recently joined Digital Point forum and it is nice to hear your success. Your offer of review article must be the turning point! I just wish you more success. Keep it up

Anonymous said...

It's just not leaving from my mind.
wow!!! $88 is a very good amount,and that too in a small time,but need to tell you this is a great achievement.
You really deserve this after such hard work.i am also trying to do something regarding this earning stuff.if you can give some tips it would be very helpful for me as well as everyone who visit this.
Great job man

THEcreationist said...

Ah, that`s great.
Your money making techniques are really inspiring

Anonymous said...

thats pretty cool! im pretty skeptical about earning money online but good job!!

Sarah said...

Thats great! However once you build up your itrade points up a bit, you may want to raise your price a bit.

Congrats though!

Anonymous said...

That is really amazing! If you sell all your ad spaces then you will easily earn about $30 or more every month. That would be so awesome! Great blog!

lhendrie said...

Hi, congratulations. This is a good success story and I know you work hard to earn that. Personally I just started to look around of how to make money online. And your story is really helping and inspiring.

Thank you !

Boney Sharaon said...

@Anonymous1: Yes, I enhance my skills as well as enjoy writing too, plus make money. What more do I need to do? Thanks for your comment.

@moneymaker:well buddy, that isn't any make money site, its a webmasters' forum where you can share tips, tricks and lots of info, plus you can find genuine ways to earn like I did, article writing. there are many other options too. you need to decide what you are good at and then you can use your skills to make money. No money is earned easily! Thanks for your feedback!

Anonymous2:Oh! Thanks a lot. I meant to say that you gotta cash on long term passive money. What I did will not earn me any more in the future. Blogging can be passive money as you have your content and your ads for life, all for yourself, but you also need traffic to cash in that passive money.

@sri:I would have earned around $450 with that pace in a month and I earned that much money $88 in only a week. Anyways, thanks for your feedback.

@Vismay: Yeah, I will never forget in my whole life that I earned $0.30 for my first ever professional article.

@Anonymous3:Try to enhance and improve your skills in which you are expert at. If you can write articles for other people like I do, you can make a good cash at Digital Point. This industry has no barriers and welcomes everyone with open arms. Best of Luck!

@THEcreationist: thanks!

@Anonymous4: You can earn a lot online if you are patient. No one earns in a day. It took me almost 3 years to reach the spot today where I am. Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated.

@Sarah: With those 5 iTraders, I definitely had to increase my price! Thanks for stopping by!

@Anonymous5:Once I am struggling to get advertisers to this blog. But anyways, you gave me some hope! Thanks!

@lhendrie:Oh Thanks a lot man. Its all the sweat of the brow and insomniac nights that brought me here.

bluesinjid said...

Wow you have made so much money writing articles! This is an excellent reason why you can earn so much as I learned a lot with what you wrote. I know you will be a successful writer and hope your earnings increase this August!

fastwyh2008 said...

Well it is a good head start to earn a little money. I really need to congrats you for making it through as it is really competitive in making articles. If you really found a good way to create article and it pays well, would you be sharing your repeated success here again :D I can't even learn much about article generation :(

Boney Sharaon said...

@bluesinjid :Thanks a lot! I'll hope so!

@fastwyh2008: I will share all the tips which I master and never sell them. Thanks for stopping by!

mannet99 said...

Hello , I am Mannet99 .I congratulate you that you made $88 in week.It's great

Joanne said...

hello, so nice to hear about your interest in online money making... though not all ptc site as what you've mention are not actually good if you want to earning money.. some of them is just a waste of time.. better try some survey site who will offer you money everytime you make a survey.. i tried once and for 1 day i already earned $26 though minimum cash out is $75. though survey is not everyday. you just need to wait for their email to inform you that a survey is available..

hechobob said...

I have done some freelancing, making about $2.50 for 500 words. This is after I have worked all day at a regular job, and tried to do a few other things. I agree, with the research and posting and editing time it is not a feasible job for long term. I will do it, though as it is a good way to make a little extra money for myself, and it gives me a lot of experience.

lovespecialangel said...

I've thought about joining sites where you get paid for articles. Is that what the articles were for that you were doing? I love to write, but unfortunately for me I have a difficult time doing research or wording things just write. In your post you wrote about passive income. What exactly is passive income?

YourEyes said...

Oh I like this post you wrote. It gives inspiration to those that are struggling to try to write, or even trying to earn online, like myself. With perseverance, goals set, with alot of sweat you are showing us that it can work. Thank you.
You have given me a positive to go and try writing. I have been told I can research anything and write well. I can at least give it a try and see how it goes.

Crystal C. said...

Congrats on making $88 the last week in July! That's fantastic to make in only 8 days. I too have been trying out the whole make money at home thing. I want to be able to be at home with my family more, mainly my four year old daughter. I am attempting to get my blog up and running. I am currently trying to make my own background. Look forward to reading your blog some more, maybe once I get mine up you can be one of my followers to help me out some. Have a great day!!!

Boney Sharaon said...

lovespecialangel: No! I was directl selling my articles to guys needing it. I read your eHow articles and I should say, "THEY WERE GREAT!".
Passive income is the supplemental income gained without any efforts or with little efforts. Its like setting the adsense ads on your site and cashing in PPC comissions for whole life. When you publish your article at Triond, you get royalties for all your life. That can also be called as 'passive income'.

@Crystal: Sure! Anything for my readers!

Cyanide.Roses said...

Wow, 88 bucks in a week? I think I'm a little jealous, actually. This sounds amazing, and it was pretty smart of you to think of that. Good luck with your money making!

Boney Sharaon said...

Thanks Cyanide.Roses! :-)

Lil D said...

I'm actually new to all this stuff so I havent got much experience in these stuffs and I felt all this online money making deals are all fake but reading this article has definitely lifted my spirits and hoping to achieve the same success

Mattowander said...

Wow! Your dedication and commitment are quite impressive to me. Your work has inspired me because now I see that hard work DOES pay off!

Pretush said...

digitalpoint's forum software is not in good condition, last time i signed up and i continiously got signed out so i made 2nd a/c and i got banned, pri2sh

Boney Sharaon said...

Yeah! It happens sometimes. Whenever I sign in on a PC to digital point forums, I check 'remember me'. Hope this helps.

giedrius said...

It's glad to see that people can make money from internet. Not cents from PTC.

szanne143 said...

wow, can you teach me how to do this? i mean i am a housewife and i have been trying to go online doing PTCs just to have money over the internet but it took me some time. And until now, i don't have any money still in my account. I wanna learn more of this stuff especially that I have to earn for my two kids. My husband has been earning only little which is for the four of us and probably this could also help me become good in making money over the internet...Nice!

Boney Sharaon said...

Szane143: if you are ready to work hard, you can earn more than me. If you need any info, email me at boneysharaon@gmail.com.

Blogger said...

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